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The Right Commercial Umbrella Policy Matters

Business Umbrella insurance is your worst-case scenario policy. But when does your CNY business need it?

A major lawsuit can bankrupt your business, even if you win. Still, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed by yet another insurance policy. Is now the right time?

CNY business protected by umbrella insurance

You need complete liability protection, not coverage gaps and guesswork.

You want to fully protect your business without anxiety over what is and isn’t covered. But trying to fill in liability gaps across multiple policies leaves you feeling uncertain and overwhelmed. You need one simple umbrella policy to give you complete excess liability protection, not a confusing patchwork.

You shouldn’t have to decipher complex policies to understand where you may be exposed. You deserve clear communication from your insurance provider about how an umbrella policy seamlessly fills gaps across auto, property, and other liability coverages. So you can have confidence your business is fully protected.

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Common Questions and Answers About Your Commercial Umbrella Insurance Policy Options

Is commercial umbrella insurance hard to get approved for?

Why do we need this insurance? Isn’t general liability enough?

What can we expect to pay for commercial umbrella insurance?

Don’t let confusion about commercial umbrella insurance put your business at risk.

You know how important it is to have insurance for your business. But do you know if your current policies are enough to cover you in case of a major lawsuit or accident? If not, you could face a financial disaster that could wipe out your hard-earned assets and reputation.

Commercial umbrella insurance is the key. But how can you be sure that you have the best coverage for your unique risks? How can you avoid the frustration and confusion of buying insurance that is too expensive, too complicated, or too inadequate?

An independent CNY insurance agency can help. A team of experts who will listen to your goals, assess your situation, and find the perfect commercial umbrella insurance for you. Horan is that agency! We’ll help you increase your financial security, purchase the right insurance coverage, and let you be you again.