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The Right Benefits Plan Matters

As an employer in CNY, you must carry Short-Term Disability and Paid Family Leave Insurance for your staff.

Many business owners and HR personnel find this New York state-mandated insurance to be overwhelming. But once you learn more about it, you're likely to discover how easy it is to get it started and get back to business.

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You care about your employees’ benefits but not the policies’ hassle and complexities.

As a business owner, you care about your employees and their well-being. You know that they may face unexpected life challenges, such as illness, injury, or family care. You want to support them during these difficult times and offer them the benefits they need to cope and recover.

But managing short-term disability and paid family leave policies can be a headache. You have to comply with various federal and state laws, keep track of different eligibility criteria and benefit amounts, handle the paperwork and documentation, and pay the premiums and taxes.

You may feel confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated by the process. You may also worry about the impact of these policies on your bottom line and your cash flow.

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Common Questions and Answers About Your Benefits Plan Policy Options

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Is Paid Family Leave the same as FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act)?

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Don’t let short-term disability and paid family leave policies intimidate you. We can help.

You may have heard of short-term disability and paid family leave policies, but you may not know what they are, how they work, or if you qualify for them. You may feel intimidated, anxious, and uncertain about these policies, and you may not know where to start or who to trust.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can overcome the fear and confusion of these policies and get the benefits you need without the hassle. You can learn about these policies, understand your rights and options, and apply for them with confidence and ease.

You can get the support and guidance you need from experts who care about your situation.

We’re the Horan agency, and that’s what we’re here for. We are a team of CNY insurance professionals who specialize in short-term disability and paid family leave policies. We can help you navigate these plans and get the benefits you deserve.