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The Right Workers Comp Policy Matters

How do I know if my business needs a workers compensation policy?

If you own a business in Central New York with at least one employee, then a work comp policy is a must-have. But, even without employees, you could still find yourself needing the coverage. It might feel like the most overwhelming piece of your business's insurance.  

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No more anxiety over your workers comp policy

You don’t want to feel intimidated by the complexities of an insurance policy. You want to reduce anxiety about whether you have the right coverage. You need confidence, not uncertainty, that your business and employees are properly protected. You deserve to feel at ease, knowing your workers comp policy is tailored for you and your business.

You want straightforward explanations from people who listen and understand your business challenges. You need an advisor who can translate complex policy language into clear recommendations. You deserve customized guidance to ensure you select optimal coverage, limits, and deductibles. You want assurance and simplicity, not confusion around a policy to protect your livelihood.

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Common Questions and Answers About Your Workers Comp Insurance Policy Options

Why is my customer asking me for proof of workers' comp coverage when my business is just me?

Are subcontractors covered on my business's worker comp policy?

Is workers compensation expensive?

Buy a workers comp policy you can wrap your mind around. One that's tailored to your business

You want to feel certain your workers comp protects your business. You need straightforward guidance to ensure you have the right coverage, not gaps. You want to avoid paying for the wrong insurance. And you don’t want to face being denied for a policy due to oversight.

With an independent CNY insurance agency, you'll get:

  • Advisors who listen and explain policies clearly
  • Confidence you made the right choices
  • Custom guidance based on your unique situation
  • Protection and composure that your business is properly covered