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The Right E&O Insurance Matters

Don’t let confusion about your Professional Liability E&O policy put your business at risk.

You need a Professional Liability E&O policy that is easy to understand, affordable, and tailored to your business. You need a policy that protects you from lawsuits, claims, and damages that could ruin your reputation and your livelihood.

Professional liability E and O insurance protection from lawsuits

Overcome policy intimidation and get the E&O coverage your business deserves.

You want to secure coverage without getting lost in legal complications. You seek the security of knowing your business is protected without anxiety over what is or isn’t included. Most of all, you desire the clarity to run your company with confidence instead of uncertainty.

Don’t settle for less than straightforward communication about what your professional liability policy does and does not cover. You should understand your options so you can make smart choices for your business. You need clarity around coverage so you can focus on what matters most: serving your clients.

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Common Questions and Answers About Your E&O Policy Options

How is professional liability different from general liability?

What types of business is professional liability most suited for?

Is E&O insurance expensive?

Go beyond guesswork and understand your actual professional liability E&O protection.

You don’t want to be left in the dark about your Professional Liability E&O policy. You should feel confident you're buying the right professional liability protection. Why does something so vital have to feel like such a mystery? You deserve to stop worrying and start feeling secure that you have the appropriate safeguards for your business.

Local guidance can provide the clarity so you get coverage that fits your unique needs. With greater understanding comes increased security that your claims will be handled fairly. You can get back to focusing on your profession while finally having assurance that your interests are protected.

An independent CNY agency tailored to the needs of NY business owners can ensure you get transparent guidance for making smart insurance decisions. The Horan agency is here for you. Fill out the form to get things started. One of our insurance specialists will be happy to discuss your policy options.