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Meet Your Dedicated Horan Team

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Content Manager

Meet Daniel J. Middleton



Daniel is the only fully remote staffer, but he’s as much a member of the team as everyone with boots on the ground.

Daniel has been a dedicated team member since November 28, 2022.

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What Daniel Brings to the Team

Daniel assures that the team is always presentable—digitally speaking—and our message clear and palatable, hence these bio pages you’re reading!

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Daniel’s Experience

Daniel designed and edited books before joining Horan. He also provided consultation for authors and publishers. He writes articles and books about hidden Black History when he’s not busy with insurance.

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How Daniel Will Benefit You

Daniel takes the dry subject matter that is insurance and soaks it overnight to let the juices marinate. Then he places the subject in a slow cooker, adds desired ingredients and story spices, sets a timer, and lets it cook for said amount of hours. What he serves up is a literary insurance dish readers can stomach and maybe even relish.

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Life Outside the Office

In addition to writing for a living, Daniel also enjoys writing as a hobby and creating art on a computer (well, I suppose he does that for a living too).

He enjoys reading articles and nonfiction books.

Daniel has been married to a wonderful woman who has put up with him since 2004. Together, they have a shy, talented teenage daughter transitioning to college as of this writing!

He appreciates Central New York and the many adventures it offers.

Daniel is voted most likely to be enraptured by your family’s ancient history.