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The Right D&O Insurance Matters

Don’t let a lawsuit ruin your reputation and your business. Protect yourself and your company with Directors and Officers liability insurance.

You deserve an insurance partner who understands your industry and your risks. You don’t have time to waste on confusing policies and hidden fees. You need a simple, affordable, and reliable solution that covers you in any situation.

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Lead with confidence and integrity with D&O liability insurance.

As a board member of a non-profit or a commercial business, you are responsible for making important decisions. But what if someone sues you for your actions or inactions? D&O Liability Insurance protects you from personal losses and helps your organization with legal costs. It’s a vital coverage that lets you lead with confidence and integrity.

But as a non-profit leader, you face the same legal risks as a for-profit one. You can be sued for financial mismanagement, policy violations, or other errors in judgment. D&O Liability Insurance covers these scenarios and shields you from personal liability. It’s essential for non-profits, especially since they often lack legal resources and operate under different regulations than for-profit businesses.

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Common Questions and Answers About Your D&O Policy Options

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I'm a board member of a non-profit organization. Should I have my own insurance?

Is a D&O policy expensive?

D&O Liability Insurance is essential for commercial and non-profit leaders.

While D&O Liability Insurance covers your liabilities from errors in decision-making, it doesn’t cover criminal acts or decisions made for personal gain. Policy specifics, such as the coverage period and extent of indemnification, can vary depending on your organization. That’s why you need a trusted insurance partner who can help you find the best coverage tailored to your specific business risks.

D&O Liability Insurance is also a great way to attract and retain skilled professionals to join your non-profit board. Many people are reluctant to serve on non-profit boards because they fear personal liability for their honest mistakes. D&O Liability Insurance assures them that they are protected and supported by your organization. It also shows them that you value their expertise and contribution to your non-profit’s success.

Whether you run a commercial or non-profit business, the Horan agency is here for you. We’re a local CNY agency that has been serving businesses of all sizes since 2009. To have one of our insurance specialists explain your policy options, fill out the form. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.