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The Right Flood Insurance Matters

Just because you don’t live in a high flood-risk area doesn’t mean a flood will never happen to you.

You need reliable flood insurance to protect your home and possessions in case disaster strikes, no matter where you live. Financial security is priceless when floods threaten everything you've worked for.

Flood insurance in CNY

Flood insurance can ease your worries.

You don’t want to live in fear of a flood ruining your home and your life. You want to feel confident and secure that you have the right protection for your situation. With proper flood insurance, if a flood does happen, you can recover quickly and easily. You can be confident that you won’t lose everything you’ve worked hard for.

You don’t want to feel overwhelmed trying to understand complex flood insurance policies. You need clarity on exactly what is and isn’t covered in simple terms. You should also be confident you’re getting comprehensive protection that fits your budget without tricky exclusions or exceptions. Knowing your biggest investment is truly safe if disaster strikes is worth the small price of flood insurance.

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Common Questions and Answers About Your Flood Policy Options

How can I tell what flood zone my property is in?

When do mortgage lenders require flood insurance based on flood zones?

How much does flood insurance cost?

Don’t fall for these flood insurance myths. Get the flood protection you deserve.

Many people think they don’t need flood insurance based on a few misconceptions. Here are three common myths that could put you at risk:

  1. Myth 1: Flood insurance is only for high-risk areas. Fact: Floods can happen anywhere, anytime, and cause severe damage. More than 20% of flood claims come from low-risk areas.
  2. Myth 2: Homeowners insurance covers flood damage. Fact: Most homeowners policies do not include flood insurance. You need a separate policy to protect your home and belongings from flooding.
  3. Myth 3: The government will take care of flood insurance. Fact: The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) only covers a small fraction of American homes. And even if you qualify for NFIP, you may still need additional coverage to protect your property fully.

We understand how stressful and scary it can be to face a flood. That’s why we want to help you get the best protection for your home and your composure. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Fill out the form and get a free quote for flood insurance today. We’ll be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.