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B’ville Little League

March 11th, 2022 | 1 min. read

By Steven Ladd

No matter how popular other sports have become, the game of baseball remains the national pastime. People of all sizes can play baseball. You can be a slow runner but strong enough to clear the centerfield wall, and you can have limited strength but be fast enough to beat out a ball hit to deep third.

For children, both girls and boys, baseball is a game that teaches patience and humility. One of the most excellent places to learn and enjoy the game is your local Little League chapter. In Baldwinsville, we have been fortunate to have the Baldwinsville Little League chapter since 1989. Over the years, the B’ville Little League has become the most popular youth sports organization in Baldwinsville.

As the league has grown, so have the expenses to keep it running in the way the kids and parents have come to expect. Each player (parents) must pay a registration fee to join, and the league depends on local sponsorships to help keep those fees as low as possible. That is why the Horan Companies insurance agency has continued to be a very proud sponsor since the 2014 season.

We are again adding our name upon the backs of a couple of teams this Spring. So head down to Diane Reeves Memorial Park next month and cheer on the kids. All of them!

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