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Does my business need short-term disability insurance?

August 22nd, 2017 | 1 min read

By Horan Companies

When do we have to offer New York short-term disability benefits?

New York short-term disability insurance is a required benefit. Anyone who runs or operates a business with employees must carry it. It provides a temporary benefit for anyone who becomes injured or disabled off the job.

Unlike workers’ comp, where you end up getting hurt or ill due to something that happens while at work, this is coverage for anything that happens to you pretty much anywhere at any time.

Rules for New York short-term disability

  • Basic coverage equals 50% of the employees weekly pay. However, $170 per week is the maximum benefit.
  • 7-day waiting period applies before an employee can file a claim.
  • Once a claim is made, employer must provide employee a statement of rights.
  • Benefits last a maximum of 26-weeks within a 52-consecutive week period.
  • Employers may withhold up to $.60 per week for the insurance cost.
  • Higher limits can be purchased if offered by the employers carrier.

That is short-term disability insurance in New York State. If you are a business, if you are an employer, make sure that you’re carrying this coverage in addition to your workers’ compensation and New York Paid Family Leave because all are absolutely mandatory.

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