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After the Fire and Rain

July 7th, 2020 | 2 min read

By Steven Ladd

What Happens After the Fire’s Out or the Water Stops?


By Local Guest Blogger: Lorraine White of Property Restoration, Inc.


12-Step Restoration Procedure

  1. Evaluate your Emergency– Get to safety and call 911 for a true emergency. Kitchen fire blog


  1. Call your insurance agent– Report the claim.
    If it’s after business hours, call claims and take notes for any questions you want to ask your agent.


  1. Selecting Restoration Services– Know your options!
    You have a “right” to choose which Water/Fire Damage clean-up company come into Your Home. It is nice to have a referral of a company that is known. Check Google Reviews and other avenues to feel confident with your choice.


  1. Points of Contact– Keep a list of the selected company’s contact information.
    Know who is your go to for questions i.e. operations manager and office manager.


  1. Take inventory– Take photos if contents are being removed or discarded.
    This is important even if the restoration company offers this service, you will want to oversee your own inventory.


  1. Leave equipment running– This will ensure a quick and effective recovery of your property.
    When drying is required there are times that the equipment is loud, be prepared and know that drying is essential. How come? You do not want to have to have the experience of mold due to poor drying conditions.


  1. Ask questions– Have all problems been addressed BEFORE the restoration company leaves?
    Be informed; No question is too much, ASK!


  1. Stay in touch– Discuss with insurance agent/assigned adjuster where the payment goes.
    Customers get confused when the check comes from the Insurance Company. That is payment to the Restoration company for services performed. As the customer you are responsible to pay the restoration company if the Insurance company pays you direct. Again, ASK for direction, you do not want to get caught up in a payment misunderstanding.


  1. Are repairs needed?– Find out if the restoration company ALSO offers rebuild.
    It is best to use a company that offers “soup to nuts.” This way you do not have to have multiple companies in your home, and you have a better chance of getting the job done quicker and more affordable. Ceiling water blog


  1. Sign paperwork– Do this once equipment is removed and/or job completed.
    This is important as the Insurance Company will not release funds until the Customer Satisfaction is signed.


  1. Complete payment process– Ensure all payments are made to ALL parties involved.
    This will avoid any collection issues. This is the customers responsibility.


  1. Google Review– Please refer to friend/family in need. Google reviews help others as well!
    Most people are not aware of specialized services such as restoration until you have an Emergency!